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So what exactly is Six Sigma?

An introductory article into Six Sigma written by Stephen Halliday (chartered statistician with WDP Consulting) as appeared in Works Management January 2001.


Improving Service and Public Sector Organisations

An article showing how Six Sigma can be just as successful in non- manufacturing industries, written by Stephen Halliday.


Successful Six Sigma Projects - The Champions Rule

An article discussing the importance of Champions within a Six Sigma project, written by Stephen Halliday.


Successful Six Sigma Projects - Utilisation of Green Belts

An article that provides a solution to the lack of a full time Black Belt, written by Stephen Halliday.


Application of Tools in Six Sigma

An article that looks at the main tools and their uses within Six Sigma, written by Stephen Halliday.


Creative Improvement

Could Six Sigma be a method of accounting for "creative" improvement?, written by Stephen Halliday.


Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

Why understanding this variation is the key to producing a more consistent functionality in a product or consistent output from a process, written by Stephen Halliday.


The Big Fight - Lean Manufacturing vs. Six Sigma

A creative comparison of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, written by Stephen Halliday.


Understanding Variation

A look at Common Cause and Special Cause variation and the tools required to deal with each, written by Stephen Halliday.

A Basic Way of Thinking

An article explaining Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, written by Stephen Halliday.