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  Experimental Design


Our Course

Level 1-Basics of Experimental Design

Level 2-Advanced Experimental Design


Course Content

Level 1

  • Why experiment?

  • Planning and designing an experiment

  • Analysing an experiment

  • Interpreting experimental results

  • Leading experimental teams

Through our training you will be able to plan, design, and analyse an efficient 2-level experiment, make informal decisions as to how to improve a  process, based on predictive models, understand the benefits of using a structured approach to experimentation, understand the distinction between full factorial, fractional factorial and Taguchi experiments.


Level 2

  • Robust design and Taguchi

  • Experiments at three levels

  • Response surface designs

Level 2 builds on the basics of Level 1.  It extends knowledge to the concepts of creating processes and products that are robust to external factors (noise) via the use of Taguchi designs.  It also develops the more complex use of factors at three or more levels and leads on to consideration of response surface designs.


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