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Research and Design Process

In designing competency frameworks the following is the process that we follow:


We have an inclusive approach to client relationships. In this stage we discuss with the client beforehand what we aim to do and how much they want to be involved themselves.


This usually involves taking a sample of all levels of the target population and carrying out individual interviews and focus groups. We use a combination of critical incident analysis and repertory grid. The emphasis of our research is forward, rather than backward looking.


This involves the consulting team sitting down and identifying the common themes that the research process has produced, forming these into competencies, and then breaking these down into detailed behavioural statements.


At this point the client is consulted to see whether the first draft is broadly acceptable.


We then go through a rigorous validation procedure that involves members of the target population again being consulted on the competency framework's relevance to their jobs and the clarity of the language.


A final review takes place including discussion with the client on implementation.


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