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Awareness Cycle
Contract: Successful coaching begins with a contract of commitment by the coach to the learner.
Opportunity: Coaching starts when an opportunity for coaching arises, which must be agreed upon by both the coach and the learner. An opportunity is not a problem that needs to be solved, but usually arise when the learnerís routine, or demands upon them change in someway.
Assess & Observe: This enables both the coach and the learner to gain an understanding of the learner and the opportunity beyond the obvious.
Choose & Commit: The intended outcomes of the process are made apparent here. If the desired outcome is greater awareness by the learner of who the learner is and how the learner can learn, then coaching continues in the Awareness Cycle. If the agreed outcome is a change in the performance, the coaching process shifts immediately to the Goal stage of the Performance Cycle.


Performance Cycle
Goal: During this stage the coach and learner agree on the area of performance that will be the subject of the coaching cycle and what will be the key objectives.
Reality: Here the coach and the learner assess the learnerís current performance in relation to the specific issue. The learner then must agree what is to be changed.
Options: In this stage the coach encourages the learner to offer alternative suggestions about how to make the change and to make a choice between the options. The coach will only make suggestions when it is clear that the learner is unable to progress.
Where Now: The learner and the coach commit themselves to the change option that has been selected. They check that they both have the same understanding of what has been agreed, reaffirm the timescale for achieving the objective, set out an action plan as agreed in the previous stage, review any possible problems in achieving the objectives and set a date for another meeting.
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